50th Reunion update #1

Here’s the latest news on our upcoming 50th reunion. Our hard-working Reunion Committee is planning multiple events for the weekend of Oct 6-8, 2023. Details will be forthcoming when available. Here is what we have so far:

Friday, October 6th: No Host Cocktail Party
Saturday, October 7th morning: Tour of Napa High School, the old Admin building and memorabilia room.
Saturday afternoon: Golf outing
Saturday afternoon: Bocce Ball
Saturday evening: 6:00PM Reunion Dinner at Napa Elks Lodge
Sunday morning: No host brunch

We will provide updates in our Facebook group (where you can chat with classmates), this website, and also via our mailing list. More information on those can be found on the Connect page.

Please help get the word out to all classmates you know. Many are still in the dark about this reunion.

45th reunion extra activities (Oct 26-27, 2018)

These are unofficial, but some of us from out of town have little else to do, so we will be:

  • Attending the Big Game (Vintage at Napa), Friday night 7 PM
  • Having a BYO food picnic at Kennedy Park on Saturday from noon to 3 PM.  NOTE: we do not have an alcohol permit so please do not bring any.  We also don’t have a reserved area so drive around and look for cars that have ’73’ signs taped to the window.

And of course there’s the dinner at Compadres starting at 6 PM.  But you should already know about that if you are reading this.

How to find someone in the digital age

So you’re thinking about our next reunion and you’re hoping you will see SOMEONE there, but you realize that perhaps SOMEONE hasn’t yet gotten the word about the reunion. Hopefully, you will take it upon yourself to make sure they are aware, but maybe the contact info you have is stale and you soon discover that you have no reliable method for reaching out to them. Here are a few tips for tracking them down that may help.

  • Try Facebook.
  • Try LinkedIn.
  • Try classmates.com — you will likely need to sign up for a paid subscription to establish contact with other members. I was just offered a 3 month subscription at 50% off ($7.50 total — warning: it auto-renews)
  • Try reunion.com
  • Try alumniclass

Try these free services:

I’ve found phone numbers and address via those; unfortunately a lot of phone numbers are no longer valid.  Also, these sites include ads to paid services — it’s easy to click on something and end up on a paid site.

As for paid sites, I’m not yet sure whether you get your money’s worth from them, but there are paid services out there such as:

When searching for females who can no longer be found by their maiden name, you might get lucky if you search for marriage records on Ancestry.com.  [suggestion for females: include your maiden name when signing up for sites such as Facebook and Classmates]

45th Reunion (past)

Sorry if you missed it.  There are many pictures in our Facebook group, and also some photos here.

When: Saturday, Oct 27, 2018, 6 PM to 11 PM
Where: Compadres, 505 Lincoln Ave Napa, CA 94558
What: Dinner, music, and dancing
Who: Napa & Vintage 1973 graduates and friends/family
Cost: $55 per person

We really need to hear from you if you are coming — please RSVP via PayPal below, then follow the instructions at the very bottom of this page. [If you already registered when the cost was $65, you will be getting a cash refund of the excess amount at the reunion.]

Choose # of attendees, list names (*IMPORTANT*), then click “Buy Now”
Names of attendees

Next, keep an eye on this website but also join our Facebook group for news.
You should also consider joining the Napa High School and/or the Vintage High School Facebook groups as well.

Some of us will be going to “The Big Game” on Friday night, Oct 26, between Napa and Vintage.

Lastly — tell everyone!  There is no magic “contact everyone” capability.  We’ve posted this info here on Facebook and on Classmates.com, and have sent email to those we have email address for, but a number of classmates still don’t get the word.  We really need your help making this event known.  Having trouble finding someone?  Try these tips.