45th reunion extra activities (Oct 26-27, 2018)

These are unofficial, but some of us from out of town have little else to do, so we will be:

  • Attending the Big Game (Vintage at Napa), Friday night 7 PM
  • Having a BYO food picnic at Kennedy Park on Saturday from noon to 3 PM.  NOTE: we do not have an alcohol permit so please do not bring any.  We also don’t have a reserved area so drive around and look for cars that have ’73’ signs taped to the window.

And of course there’s the dinner at Compadres starting at 6 PM.  But you should already know about that if you are reading this.

The class mailing list (Email)

The class mailing list is one of the ways to keep up to date on class activities. It will primarily be used for reunion planning, but may also be used for news regarding our class. The URL to join is:


[Sorry that the above link is not clickable, but if it were, robot’s crawling the Internet would stumble across it and we might then start to receive requests to join the list from a bunch of fake accounts. Spammers …]

We would like your assistance in limiting traffic on the mailing list. So, please do not use it for sharing of jokes, stories, trivia, political, or religions discussions. However, if anyone is interested in a mailing list for classmates interested in any of those topics, that can be arranged.

A list of current list members is periodically emailed to that mailing list. If you do NOT want your name included on that list, please notify

owners-napa-vintage1973 [at] joneslist.com

NOTE: on this site, email addresses are written with “[at]” instead of “@” to avoid the ‘robots’ that crawl websites looking for email addresses to spam.

How the mailing list works

We are using a free (for now) service called JonesList. The person who created that site has a last name of ‘Jones’ and he works for the same software company I work for. I have been in contact with him directly and am highly confident the Joneslist service is not selling email addresses to third parties or sending any spam themselves. [Of course, that does not preclude the service from including advertisements in their free email at some point in the future.]

Classmates on Facebook

Here is a list of some of our classmates known to be on Facebook at some point since 28 May 2015, but who have not yet joined our class Facebook group.  If you want to see who is in that group, you’ll need to create a Facebook account and join the group.

Everyone is listed by the names we knew them as in high school. If you know of any additions/changes, please use the “Leave a Reply” form.  Better yet, Friend them on Facebook and both of you join our group.

An asterisk ‘*’ after the name indicates that the Facebook account belongs to the spouse of our classmate.

WARNING: some of our classmates signed up for a Facebook account many years ago and haven’t done anything with it since.

WARNING 2: While every effort has been made to ensure these are accurate, it’s possible that an account listed here is simply someone with the same name as one of our classmates. Please report any such errors via ‘Leave a Reply’.

Amanda F. Gurrola
Audrey J. Agnew
Barry L. Cole
Becky Teaford
Beth Heid
Bill R. Major
Bob Smith
Bonnie Jean Collins
Brenda Eby
Candy Whitthorne
Caren Memmott
Carl Gundestrup
Carl H. Dulinski
Carl Morrow
Carlton W. Hendricks
Carol Gulasa
Catherine A. Cagle
Cathy Mallen
Charles Womack
Cheryl Anderson
Cheryl J. Gustafson
Cheryl L. Hutchinson
Cheryl Lemmer
Christine Beck
Cindy Douglass
Claire H. Persin
Connie Krainert
Curtis Trood
Cynthia Cochrane
Cynthia J. Hippauf
Cynthia Lewis
David Freeman
David J. Leal
David L. Heck
David Templeton
Deb Bloker
Debbie A. Lady
Debbie Loflin
Debbie Trujillo
Deborah Guardado
Deborah Hillman
Delbert Hargis
Diana L. White
Diane Bouillon
Diane Brennan
Diane E. Ingalls
Donita Sebia
Douglas Voyles
Ellen Young
Eric Honsvick
Gary Anderson
Gary H. Groce
Geri Johnson
Ginny M. Honsvick
Greg Militante
Jacqueline M. Cole
Janet K. McMichael
Janet Swift
Janice Holt
Jeanette M. Boulier
Jeff Steele
Jefferey M. Casalina
Jeffery K. Bonds
Jeffrey E. Landberg
Jennifer C. Barron
Jim Nord
John Ellis
John Lassus
John Plowman
John Winchell
Johnny Jordan
Jon Squicciarini
Joseph A. Isola
Joseph Hicks
Joyce Cleveland
Joyce Register
Judy Labarge
Judy Schneider
Karen L. Cook
Karin Dahlquist
Kathleen Wimberley
Kathy Stornetta
Kevin L. Wise
Kirk L. Mitchell
Larry A. Dell
Larry D. Hess
Lee Lambert
Lilli B. Bell
Linda K. McCall
Linda L. Riddle
Linda P. Sledjeski
Linda York
Lois Williams
Loree Giorgi
Lorrie Jaeger
Louis M. Penning
Lupe Partida
Lynn A. Arruda
Marcia A. Taylor
Marcia Kiersey
Marcia M. Clark
Margaret S. Fox
Marilyn Cupery
Marjorie Eweg
Mark Umphress
Marla Freathy
Marla Goodenough
Michael Casassa
Michael J. Baldini
Mimsie Redmayne
Normand Lalonde
Pamela J. Linowski
Patricia A. Proctor
Patricia A. West
Paul Musante
Peggy S. Towns
Reba Sousa
Rene Solis
Rhodena M. Wagenman
Rhonda Reid
Richard Hudson
Richard L. St Clair
Ricky Hawton
Robert A. Wilson
Robert Jobe
Robert Keenan
Rory Solis
Rosemary L. Uboldi
Sammie L. Lavrar
Sandford B. Plant
Sandra Anderson
Sandra Darnell
Sandra Messer
Scott Rossmiller
Sharon A. Hopp
Sharon Dodd
Sharon R. Arnold
Shelly Freeman
Sherie Griffith
Sherry Meeks
Shirley M. Ruhland
Steve McConnell
Susan M. Boivin
Susan P. Clopton
Susan Threadgill
Teddi Hosman
Teel Wold
Teresa Revheim-Lusk
Terri Cuellar
Terri Strand
Terrie A. Norris
Terry Gonsalves
Terry L. Reingold
Timmy C. Pridmore
Timothy Chaffin
Timothy J. Persico
Timothy L. Williams
Valerie Crummett
Valerie Lewis
Veronica H. Bryant
Vickie R. Nichols
Vicky E. Wixson
Vivian Mann
Wayne Chong
Wesley Howle
William Bardakos
William Jolliffe
William Lee
Yolanda Lopez

Spouses of classmates:

Allan Holleyman*
Jeffrey D. Stufft*
Winton L. Sonju*

How to join our Facebook group

The group you want to join is Napa-Vintage ’73 and friends. However, this group is a ‘secret group’, because when the group was publicly viewable, we were getting bombarded with members who had nothing to do with our class and were only joining so they could spam the group.

The trick to joining the group is to find a Facebook Friend who is already a member (you will also see a number of ’74’ graduates on the list) and get them to send you an invite. If you aren’t friends yet with anyone who is a member of the group, there’s bound to be someone you know already on the group that you can beFriend. Here is a list of the group membership as of 24 May 2015:

Ann Hitchcock
Anthony Baza
Antoinette Jardin
Arlene Hurst
Audrey Brady Edwards
Barbara McCabe Puglia
Bert Campana Jr
Brenda Renz
Brian Slabaugh
Carl Herring
Carole Heid
Cheryl St Pierre Jensen
Cheryle San Miguel
Chris Garcia
Chris Ocampo
Connie Moreland
Cynthia Salazar Carrillo
Dan Fritz
Dan Lyle
Danita Hausner
Dave Claudino
Dave Hubbard
Dave Rothman
Dave Tabor
David Anselmi
David Conklin
David Crow
David Durrett
Debbie Cole-Cloud
Debbie Jo Martin
Dennis Hansen
Diana Reed
Dianah Skinner
Diane Olson-Salmon
Dixie Jones
Don Hurst
Donna Lang
Dorothy Fry
Drew Aguilar
Eileen Bagley Roark
Elaine G. Gordon
Elaine Tindall
Ellen Maestas
Esther J. Williams
Evelyn Mahoney
Frank Tai
Gilbert Estrada
Glenn Baude
Gretchen Eby Barnett
Heidi Husted Armstrong
Jacqueline Henkelman
Jana Lamb Rossi
Jeffery Bennett
Jerry Merryweather
Jimmy McCabe
Joan Gallagher
Joanne Graham
Jody Payne
Jody Turigliatto Harper
Joe Gondola
John Fisher
John Kresha
John P. Bardessono
John Ricker
Julie Pieper
Julie Pierson Englebrecht
Karen Cummans Bennett
Karen Gudgel Cosso
Karen Millhouse
Karl Kasca
Kathy Stebleton Schultz
Keith Caldwell
Kim Rasmusen
Kristen Marie
Kristi Schrette Cordoza
Larry Rhodes
Leanell Zsiga
Leanne Chilton
Lee Diane Wheeler
Leslie Grinsell
Linda Champagne
Linda Sedgley
Linda Stein Fitzgerald
Lisa Pierson McCabe
Lori Wells-Tanner
Mark Goldston
Mark T Woolley
Martha Mulholland Rust
Marti Dybedal
Michael Englebrecht
Michael Hearty
Michael Metz
Micheal D Kilgore
Michelle Furbershaw
Minda Kastan-Robben
Misajon Frederick
Mo Lubinski
Neal T O’Haire
Pam Boatright
Pam Toby Silleman
Pat Hoffman
Patricia Mccabe Schmidt
Paul Leal
Pauline Martel
Peggy McCabe Isom
Rachael Roe
Ramon Jovel
Ray Sisemore
Raymond Amador
Rhonda Miller-Hoehn
Rick Delacy
Robert N Timm Jr
RobertJenny Pangelinan
Robin Timm
Ron Bartlett
Ron Hicks
Ron Mcdill
Ron Nasuti
Ron Walton
Ronald De Mello
Ronda Connor
Rose Hansken
Ruby Ricker Garcia
Sandi Crist
Sandy Mustico Sampson
Sc Sam
Scott Savage
Sharon Rossi Ross
Skip Brown
Stacey McDonald Combs
Starla Robinson
Steve Ramiro
SteveLaura Darlington
Steven Kent Ingalls
Ted Neiswanger
Teena Spinelli-Gunderson
Teresa L. Anderson-Fields
Teri Violet
Terie Musante
Tim Henry
Tom Tabor
TomnNorma Canavesio
Traci Backholm-Armstrong
Vickie Loseth-Schleger
Yvonne Hargrove