The class mailing list (Email)

The class mailing list is one of the ways to keep up to date on class activities. It will primarily be used for reunion planning, but may also be used for news regarding our class. The URL to join is:

[Sorry that the above link is not clickable, but if it were, robot’s crawling the Internet would stumble across it and we might then start to receive requests to join the list from a bunch of fake accounts. Spammers …]

We would like your assistance in limiting traffic on the mailing list. So, please do not use it for sharing of jokes, stories, trivia, political, or religions discussions. However, if anyone is interested in a mailing list for classmates interested in any of those topics, that can be arranged.

A list of current list members is periodically emailed to that mailing list. If you do NOT want your name included on that list, please notify

owners-napa-vintage1973 [at]

NOTE: on this site, email addresses are written with “[at]” instead of “@” to avoid the ‘robots’ that crawl websites looking for email addresses to spam.

How the mailing list works

We are using a free (for now) service called JonesList. The person who created that site has a last name of ‘Jones’ and he works for the same software company I work for. I have been in contact with him directly and am highly confident the Joneslist service is not selling email addresses to third parties or sending any spam themselves. [Of course, that does not preclude the service from including advertisements in their free email at some point in the future.]